Students are given some basic information about the USA. During a number of meetings before their departure students learn some useful vocabulary and get information about family life and activities, specific school rules or other organizational details.

The school's namesake, Father Jacques Marquette, was a French Jesuit who lived in the 17th century and explored the upper Mississippi. The Jesuit order played some role in the development of Milwaukee - and even today MUHS "students, faculty and staff members share a passion for exploring unchartered territory, whether it's in a textbook or their own hearts." 

Marquette University High School was founded in 1857 - and the location of the building on a hill in the center of Milwaukee gave rise to the nickname they still bear - the Hilltoppers. During the exchange our students are fully integrated into the MUHS school life, including daily assignments and school-related activities, and, of course, family life.

Our students go to some ice-hockey, basketball or baseball games if possible, and also visit some museums, e.g. the Harley Davidson Museum, which is not far from the MUHS ground, or the Milwaukee Art Museum. Some students are offered the chance to visit their host parents' or other working places. Usually we have a Milwaukee downtown tour, too, where we can experience the German immigrants' influence on Milwaukee's urban development.

Depending on planning and time schedule some excursions may be in our programme, e.g. to Madison, Wisconsin's capital with a famous State Capitol, or Chicago, which is a two-hour drive from Milwaukee. Excursions and activities are always connected with some group project work, e.g. about places connected with Abraham Lincoln, religion in the US, national monuments, contrasts of life in the Midwest or the variety of working places.

We hope this exchange program, which is supported by the German-American Exchange Program (GAPP), will continue successfully in the coming years and give all students taking part some great moments and widen their horizons!